Farming in Winter

Farming in winter is tough! Some days it seems like it’s just not worth it. Can the animals just find their own food so I don’t have to brave the cold today?

Being My Goat’s Midwife

We knew baby goats were on the way but we didn’t know how fast they would come! What a wild ride! Over the weekend we more than doubled our herd from 4 to 10 goats! These babies are so sweet!

Fried Rabbit

Do you like fried chicken? Try a fried rabbit for a delicious dinner using an alternate meat source. Rabbits are easy to keep and are a great meat option for small scale farms and homesteaders.

Our First Cow

Have you ever raised a backyard cow? Until now, neither had we… Meet Sequoia! Sequoia is our Dexter cow. She is a miniature breed and hopefully will be the start of our own herd.