Farming in Winter

It is hard to find motivation to get out with the animals in the winter. On warm days there is so much to catch up on. When it is windy and cold, nothing more than what is necessary seems to get done.

I am very happy for electricity this time of year. Having heated water bowls and bottles along with a trough heater is a game changer. It greatly simplifies feeding and care during the winter.

On the warm days we have found ourselves catching up on long overdue chores. Last weekend I could be found in the pasture most of the day. It was finally warm enough that the ground had thawed out enough to muck out the goat shelter, clean up all of the rabbit poop, and clean out the chicken coop. When these chores are done on a more regular basis it doesn’t encompass your whole weekend.

We had some warm afternoons last week, and 15 rabbits in need of processing. It’s so much easier to do the butchering outside, and leave the mess out there, so I snatched up those warm afternoons for that project. The freezer is now full and the rabbit feed bill has drastically decreased!

The warm weather was needed to turn over the compost pile as well. I needed to bury the waste from processing the rabbits in the bottom of the compost so warm weather was a must.

Some days I feel like I am definitely a fair weather farmer. The past two days have been so windy and cold that my animals have seen very little of me. They have been fed and watered, but no one has had any love or treats except the dog. It was -2 degrees yesterday morning! Not my cup of tea!

Warmer weather is on the horizon and I am chomping at the bit! Maybe I need to come up with more indoor hobbies to help keep me happy and occupied during the really cold days!

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  1. Lana Berg says:

    Found you. I am interested in some of your soaps is it possible to make a time I could come down and smell some of them?


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