The Billy Goat not so Gruff

We have had goats for a year now. We got 3 Nigerian Dwarf doelings in June of last year. At the time 2 of them were only 10 weeks and the other was 4 months. We named them Salt, Pepper and Oreo. This week they met their boyfriend, a 1.5 year old buck we have decided to call Beardsley!

So meet Beardsley! He is a tri-colored Nigerian Dwarf buck. We are hoping he might be able to bring a little color into our monochrome herd. We threw him in with the girls and within hours he was already trying to prove his manliness with at least one of them. We are planning on having goat kids on the farm again in 5 months!

We had been actively looking for a buck for a few weeks and when we found him I was in love with his colors and patterning. I hope he gives us beautiful babies.

Nigerian Dwarf goats aren’t very big. They are a great backyard breed for people who want some livestock but nothing too big. My girls at 14 and 16 months weighed only 50 and 63 pounds. Beardsley hasn’t yet seen the scales, but he isn’t much bigger, although his horns sure are!

When we went to get him we realized that we didn’t have an easy way to bring him home. He was located about an hour away and we felt that if we wanted him we needed to act now before he was sold. Our stock trailer has an issue of not having lights currently so we couldn’t bring him home that way.

But because of his small size I borrowed a large dog crate from the neighbors and we brought him home in the back of the truck. He handled the ride well, but didn’t want to come out of the crate when we arrived back home. When he saw his new girlfriends though he decided it would be ok to come out. So now we have a complete herd that will most likely be growing in 5 months!

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